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Based on Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island just south of Cape Cod, our team is made up of designers, makers, deep thinkers and dreamers who share a belief that the objects we make can create positive change in the world. Our collections are proudly made in Bosnia and Herzegovina using a careful balance of modern and traditional production methods. As well as employing the latest manufacturing technologies, we collaborate closely with a family who has been making furniture for three generations. Rooted in Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, our ethos is simple: make it once, make it well, make it last.


We design spaces that evoke magical lasting moments of serenity and well-being through high-end artisan heirlooms infused with the spirit of the craft; where the raw material, just like us, is transformed into the best version of itself.


We envision inspiring humanity to live conscious lives by switching to sustainable and considerate purchases made with respect for the material, the craft, and the people.
Our Values


Minimalism is not a style,
it is a way of being.
In an increasingly fast-paced world where overconsumption is destroying our environment, it is our duty to make and encourage conscious purchases. At Moku our goal is to make less but better. We want our furniture to be passed down through generations, be well-used and well-loved, becoming more beautiful with age.


We borrow the knowledge of
the best craftsmen in Europe.
Our manufacturers’ collective skillset spans three generations instilling confidence in their craft and a deep understanding of the natural materials. We take pride in ensuring our furniture is finished to perfection using non-toxic preserving methods. This is because our desire is that our customers would feel the love that has gone into their furniture.


More than just a furniture brand,
Moku represents a way of being.
We want to be part of the solution and so we choose to participate in the slow design movement. We celebrate and savour the creative process as much as we do the finished article. Slow is a revolution that we aspire to be part of.


We put relationships
before opportunity.
Our slow-living ethos is not only reflected in our work but also in our attitude toward each other, our business partners, and our community. We take the time to nurture a team of highly skilled people who share our passion, our values, and our vision. Together we create considered, human-centered design that is kind to both people and planet.


The Earth has music for
those who listen.
In appreciation of our world and the natural resources that make Moku possible, we pledge to find ways to minimize our impact. We commit to safeguarding our future by adopting sustainable practices and always giving more than we take.
Our People


Partner and Co-founder
His favorite wooden stool from his grandparents is a symbol of love, family, and the enduring beauty of natural materials. For Slobodan, this also represents the potential for growth and renewal, reminding him of the importance of cherishing what has been passed down and the endless possibilities ahead.


Sales Director
Dragan’s grandmother’s vitrine holds a special place in his heart. It was a common household item in a time when people valued quality over quantity. They owned only a few well-made pieces that would last a lifetime. The vitrine represents a simpler way of living and serves as a reminder to appreciate the things we own.


Furniture Designer/Architect
Lidija’s wooden chest is a symbol of family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. As Lidija gives the chest to her niece, she trusts that it will be cherished and passed on to future generations, carrying with it the memories and values of their family. So, this chest is not just a mere object; it’s a way of preserving the legacy of their family.


Master Craftsman
Aleksandar’s favorite and most memorable piece of woodwork is a series of majestic icons he crafted and carved for the church. As he recalls the days of the great Bosnian famine, it reminds him of modest origins and terribly tough times. This piece series created for his master’s thesis is more than just a culmination of his academic pursuits – it is a reflection of everything he has learned and experienced. It holds great personal meaning for him, representing his tireless effort, hard work, creativity, and skill.


Logistics Director
A wooden vitrine, now 70 years old, holds a special place in Stevan’s heart. Its beauty, restored with love and care, adds warmth and character to his father’s home. For Stevan, wood is not just a material but a living, breathing entity, full of personality and soul. The wood’s timeless essence brings him joy and inspiration every time he touches it, a reminder of the magic that can be found in the present moment. To him, wood is a feeling; it is alive, and it is a delight to the senses.


We believe in the power and potential of design as a catalyst for change.
As people, we want to be the best that we can be. The same is true of everything we make. When working with raw materials, our intention is to transform them into the best possible version of themselves. We minimally change what has been designed by nature, using modern design techniques together with traditional craftsmanship to enhance the material’s inherent beauty.
Winner of the
Golden Key
Award 2022
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