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We collaborate with architects, scenographers and interior designers from all over the world to help create calm and considered spaces and places.

We take a holistic approach to design, ​​tailoring our offering to meet our clients’ needs and vision.
Homage To The Blend Between
Principle & Function.
Moku, meaning ‘wood’ in Japanese, was born out of an admiration for the Japanese and Scandinavian design principles that speak to a slower way of living.

In the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, beauty is recognised as fleeting and imperfect. There is an unpretentiousness and intimacy of scale. Simplicity is celebrated. Similarly, Scandinavian design heritage places emphasis on craftsmanship, longevity and establishing a harmony with nature. There is an admiration for clean forms and a deep respect for functionality. At Moku, these are values that resonate and inspire.

We believe that the love we pour into making an object stays with it, imbuing it with a spiritual essence that can evoke emotions, create powerful bonds and shape connections. At the same time, we strive to make highly functional, hardworking furniture that is considered and that is respectful of its environment and the people that use it. More than just a furniture brand.

Moku represents a way of being.
With Moku,
Design Professionals
Can Enjoy
Interior designers and architects receive project pricing and trade discounts on all of our artisan-made furniture.
A helping
We are designers, makers, deep thinkers and dreamers who want to help bring your vision to life. Consider our team an extension of your team.
Working hand-in-hand with our skilled makers, we are able to offer design professionals made-to-measure pieces in bespoke materials and finishes.
A supportive
Join a network of like-minded creatives and benefit from exclusive access to product launches, exhibitions and events.


Based on Martha’s Vineyard,
looking out across the Vineyard
Haven Harbor, our gallery is a
manifestation of the Moku ethos.
In an increasingly fast-paced world where overconsumption is destroying our environment, it is our duty to make and encourage conscious purchases. At Moku our goal is to make less but better. We want our furniture to be passed down through generations, be well-used and well-loved, becoming more beautiful with age.
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