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We are Moku, a slow-living, solid hardwood furniture and lifestyle brand that celebrates the simple life. Passionate about people, place, and process, we create future heirlooms that will be passed from generation to generation.
Are you thinking of designing your home in a mid-century modern style? If you are, visit the Moku Artisan website, and give our designs a look.
Creating a mindful space begins with quality furniture. Hardwood pieces bring warmth and encourage
Life can be busy, but it
is also beautiful.
At Moku we encourage everyday moments of calm that enable us to slow down and take stock of the good things around us. We believe that faster is not always better and that we can be more by doing less. This philosophy is reflected in our work. Our craftsmen practice a slower, more mindful approach to making, focusing on quality over speed and quantity. They create thoughtful, clean-lined pieces built with care, love, and meticulous attention to detail. We like to think that this calm and gentle energy is passed on through our furniture to the people that use it and the spaces it inhabits, creating emotional and physical connections.
Good design should be passed
down through generations.
Our furniture is made from responsibly sourced wood that, if treated with care, will last several lifetimes. Our craftsmen minimally change what has been designed by nature, celebrating the natural grain and ensuring it is finished to perfection using natural, non-toxic preserving methods. It is our aim to create furniture that treads as lightly as possible on the planet and supports a circular economic system, minimizing waste and maximizing the function of each resource. In the same way we take care of the planet, we also care for our people. We passionately support the preservation of heritage crafts and enable artisans to earn a living through their traditional skills.
Homage To The Blend Between
Principle & Function.
Moku, meaning ‘wood’ in Japanese, was born out of an admiration for the Japanese and Scandinavian design principles that speak to a slower way of living.

In the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, beauty is recognised as fleeting and imperfect. There is an unpretentiousness and intimacy of scale. Simplicity is celebrated. Similarly, Scandinavian design heritage places emphasis on craftsmanship, longevity and establishing a harmony with nature. There is an admiration for clean forms and a deep respect for functionality. At Moku, these are values that resonate and inspire.

We believe that the love we pour into making an object stays with it, imbuing it with a spiritual essence that can evoke emotions, create powerful bonds and shape connections. At the same time, we strive to make highly functional, hardworking furniture that is considered and that is respectful of its environment and the people that use it. More than just a furniture brand.

Moku represents a way of being.
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